How to get a driving license in Nepal?

There are two processes to be precise and short.

  1. Go through all the hassles and long queues and confusions and do it yourself!

  2. Find a brooker eka “Dalal” and who will do everything for you. However, Be careful of scams and frauds.

If you chose option number 1, below are the steps:

  1. Go to Ekantakuna where the Department of Transport is located. It’s also called Yatayat Office.

  2. Get the application form and fill it up. Stick photo to it.

  3. Get an Appointment date for Medical test. Usually, it’s the next day.

  4. You have to go through a written test where you will be asked about rules, signs and general knowledge on vehicle. Question paper are both in English and Nepali language. In total 20 Objective Questions are asked and to get through you need to answer 12 correct answers.

  5. They will publish the results the same day.

  6. After you pass your test you have to go to the driving test center at Baneshwor or they update the spot beforehand. The test consists of driving on various patterns, and stopping/slowing on lights etc. If you pass all the tests and trials you are given a license.

Extra information:

The expenses can be listed as follows:

  1. Around Rs.50 for medical test.

  2. Around Rs.10 for the Postal Stamp.

  3. 200 tax

  4. Around Rs. 50 when you go for trial test.

  5. If you pass both written exam and trial then you’ll have to pay approximately Rs.700 tax to issue your license!


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