Top 10 Ecommerce In Nepal

Ecommerce website, This term is the most talked-about topic in today’s context. Every Business venture has a plan to launch an e-commerce website sooner or later.

What is the reason for that?

I bet, all of you are very much eager to know the reason for its popularity among the general public and the business owners.

We know that Nepal is a developing country, with many startups in business ventures, the popularity of an e-commerce website in Nepal is growing day by day.

So, Now let’s get started to see the top E-commerce in Nepal. From the analysis of 30+ eCommerce sites in Nepal, we shortlisted the top 10 E-commerce sites and/or companies in Nepal.

The ranking of this E-commerce website is based on

  • Brand popularity
  • Visibility in Search Engines such as Google
  • The number of products on the website
  • Location Reach, and
  • Website traffic

Image (1) Similarweb Data Among 10 Websites

Image (2) Alexa Page View Per User

Image (3) Sites Linking In From Alexa

The data are collected using Google Ads, Alexa Paid Tool, Ahrefs, Google Trends, SimilarWeb, etc.

These are the list of Top 10 e-commerce in Nepal that focuses on welcoming internet users and also helps in the growth of e-commerce.

Note: The Ranking and Other Data are Based on Date July, 4, 2020

10. Reddoko

Apparel and clothing is a very high demand product in Nepal. Reddoko has stationed a fashion designer who goes through all our products before they are put out for sales. This e-commerce website has quality products at reasonable prices. So, the customers are inclined towards the website.

9. Smartdoko

With a traditional name to a website. It is very relevant to the Nepal e-commerce site. The mission of our company is to be a one-click solution for our consumers. The Strategies opted by SmartDoko are to bear unbeatable prices, prompt delivery, high level of responsiveness and reliability, a wide selection of products and services, provide reward points, integrated marketing communication, and strong distribution channels.

8. Choicemandu

Choicemandu Online shopping is the Nepal based Online Marketplace owned by Choicemandu Private Limited. Among all the online shopping platforms in Nepal, Choicemandu stands superior in terms of product variety, data security, unmatched shopping process, and swift delivery. Choicemandu Online Shopping Website / App has a wide range of product variety from fashion to electronics, grocery to Nepal made products and the list goes on. “Customer satisfaction by product quality with prompt delivery” is our guiding philosophy. Customers can explore their choices among the available products and feel the difference in online shopping from Choicemandu.

7. Muncha

They are carrying on the legacy Festival gifting, Reliability, Curating gifts, special gifts, and customer services. The first department store in Nepal, and ventured into online shopping in 2000 to offer a gift gallery to non-resident Nepalese looking to surprise family and friends back home. Since then Muncha has been a contemporary name on the online delivery website. It is popular around the world and the customers remember them for delivering gifts to their loved ones who stay in Nepal.

6. Meroshopping:  is an e-commerce portal based in Uttardhoka, Lazimpat, Kathmandu. It is an e-commerce website with a large array of products. Customer satisfaction is the main mission of the website. The quality product with reasonable charge is what sets them apart. It is a one-stop solution for the individual who is inclined towards online business.

5. Socheko

Socheko.Com has aimed to provide you a one-stop solution for your all need. They believe in the right price for the right product. With an attractive design, Socheko.Com is easy to access and has a desirable outlook. It is promoted by Nepal’s renowned business group who has been in the Nepal business arena for the last 20 years. They provide value to a customer and always believe the customer comes first.

4. Okdam

Ok dam, as the name suggests has many products ranging from electronics to kitchen and home appliances at the correct price. It is based on an online store company based in Kathmandu but has shipping privilege all over the countries major cities. Ok dam e-commerce website has diverse products with high security of personal data, hence loved by many. Their motive of bringing all the reputed brands and products under the same roof online has been a success. As they say, Reach us on the internet, we’ll reach you to your doorsteps. So they deserve the second-ranking for their outstanding service and attractive website.

3. Nepbay

NepBay is a revolution in the context of online Business in Nepal. It was started way back in 2007 with the sole purpose of uplifting the online business in Nepal and it is a very successful website by now. With 100s of Shops selling 25,000+ products in 700+ categories across Nepal. NepBay is truly an ultimate marketplace for Nepali businesses and entrepreneurs. NepBay started in 2007 as an online directory of products and shops in Kathmandu Valley, eventually transformed itself into an online mall and finally into the people’s marketplace of Nepal. NepBay has built itself into an e-commerce powerhouse, and the result of that now NepBay serves over 5000+ businesses and entrepreneurs in Nepal through its ecosystem of solutions and services catered through 5  different companies under the parent organization Thulo Group.

2. Sastodeal

Back in 2011, the Sasto deal was launched as an e-commerce platform, when the concept of e-commerce was new among the citizens of Nepal. But since then, it is a leading e-commerce portal of the country boasting diverse products and brands. millions of customers and thousands of vendors/partners all over Nepal. Their goal is to ensure that our users and customers can buy products at affordable prices, get their products delivered as assured, and on time regardless of their location. On the other hand, They provide a platform for our vendors to cater to millions of customers without additional cost to their business.

1. Daraz

Who doesn’t know Daraz, it is leading e-commerce in Nepal. Daraz boasts a wide range of products and Brands with easy access. Daraz is the leading online marketplace in South Asia connecting thousands of sellers with millions of customers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar. They follow their core mission of “Make it easy to do business anywhere in the era of the digital economy”. This E-commerce website is largely used by different age groups because of the diverse products and trustworthy service. The discount offers on a timely basis with the maximum price are the highlight of the website.

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